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In many areas of the United States, victims of an accident involving a vehicle have a specified period of time in which they can file a lawsuit for their injuries. Bicycle riders may also be able to sue drivers for injuries resulting from an accident.

If something like this should happen to you, the Law Office Of Cornelia Clark can help you to protect your legal rights and get the compensation you are entitled to.

The Importance of Gathering Information

One of the best possible ways for us to assist you is by collecting all of the necessary information after an accident occurs. This includes statements from witnesses, police reports regarding the accident, and your medical records. This will ensure that you don't have to file repeated claims with your insurer to be reimbursed for the medical expenses you incurred.

Protecting Victims' Rights

Accident victims may not be aware of their rights regarding personal injury law, but that's where the Law Office Of Cornelia Clark can help you most. We also make a concerted effort to explain to victims that it is never a good idea to communicate directly with insurance companies. Any information you provide to them can later be used to justify less compensation than what you might be entitled to. It is important that you contact us as soon as possible after the accident

Accident victims can also suffer serious short-term and long-term medical problems. This can include broken bones, brain and spinal injuries, or paralysis. Whether your injuries are serious or not, you shouldn't have to suffer financially for an accident that was not your fault, and we are here to make sure your rights are protected.
Vehicle accident

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Cornelia Clark has several years of experience as a personal injury and accident attorney and she has also dealt with various insurance companies. You can count on her when you require a strong attorney. She'll make sure that you get compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and any future medical expenses you may incur. Contact us for an appointment today!
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"I had the good fortune of meeting Cornelia Clark after a rather unfortunate personal injury incident, which left me rather desperate to find someone with a sympathetic ear and a professional approach to my situation. 
I can honestly say I found this all with this attorney. Not only did she understand my issue, but she offered a precise and accurate analysis of the situation and went about executing the plan as agreed, which resulted in a very good outcome for me. 
I would not hesitate to recommend Cornelia Clark Attorneys for any personal injury case you may have."

 Gary - Sept 1, 2016

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