Product Liability

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Fair Representation for Product Liability Cases

If you or your loved one has been injured because a company was negligent in the design, manufacture, or installation of a product, the Law Office Of Cornelia Clark can help you to take the necessary legal steps to help you recover reasonable compensation for any injuries that were sustained.

Product liability cases have received a lot of attention in recent years. More and more people are seeking legal representation to obtain compensation for injuries that result from equipment or parts failures and cause significant physical or psychological harm.

Handling All Types of Product Liability Claims

The Law Office of Cornelia Clark has been able to help numerous clients seek compensation for injuries due to negligent behavior or product failures. We work closely with every client to help them determine the right legal options for achieving their goals. 

When seeking compensation for product liability, our team may need to do an in-depth investigation to track back the responsibility to multiple parties to be able to include them in your claims. There are a number of possible claims that can be made in product liability situations, including:
  • Medical, dental, and psychological treatment, even including surgery
  • Rehabilitation therapy and special equipment needs
  • Loss of employment or wages due to your injuries
  • Loss of lifestyle enjoyment
  • Wrongful death, burial, and funeral expenses
  • Loss of a loved one's companionship, guardianship, and future inheritance

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Attorney Cornelia Clark of Renton, WA, is here to help you reach your legal goals when filing a product liability claim. A large number of cases end in negotiations and settlement, however, if your case does end up being litigated in the courtroom, you need a highly skilled and experienced attorney representing you. Contact us today for any help you need with your product liability claims!
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"I had the good fortune of meeting Cornelia Clark after a rather unfortunate personal injury incident, which left me rather desperate to find someone with a sympathetic ear and a professional approach to my situation. 

I can honestly say I found this all with this attorney. Not only did she understand my issue, but she offered a precise and accurate analysis of the situation and went about executing the plan as agreed, which resulted in a very good outcome for me. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Cornelia Clark attorneys for any personal injury case you may have."

 Gary - September 1, 2016
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