General Negligence

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Reliable Assistance in General Negligence Cases

The Law Office Of Cornelia Clark can also assist you with injuries or illnesses resulting from the general negligence of another party. This can include companies that have served tainted food or illnesses resulting from food that contained products that were harmful to you. 

We can also help you take action against companies that did not provide an acceptable standard of care or the makers of faulty products due to poor manufacturing practices.

Wide Range of Legal Services

We can also assist you in situations involving vehicle and bicycle accidents, slip and fall, premise liability, product liability, wrongful death, or dog bites. Contact us today for assistance!
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"Cornelia knew her stuff. She tells it like it is and helps you understand when you have no clue. She is very easy to talk to. Returned emails and calls in a timely manner. Made our process go smoothly even when we hit a couple road bumps. I would recommend her for any of your needs."

Jennifer - April 27, 2017

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