Product Liability

If you are injured because a company was negligent in the design, manufacture or installation of a product, Attorney Cornelia Clark wants you to know that you have legal steps available to help you recover fair compensation for your injury claims. Product liability is an area of law that has received much attention in the news of recent years and people are right to seek legal representation to get compensated for accident injuries that are due to equipment or parts failures and cause physical, emotional or psychological harm.

Attorney Cornelia Clark

Design and manufacturing defects develop when someone is negligent, careless or just not paying attention to their job properly. The problem is that the public depends on products they purchase to perform as expected, and to be safe to use. This is critically important when the parts or equipment can cause serious harm or death if that product is defective and fails to do its job. Examples have been seen in recent years in class action lawsuits over product failures such as vehicle brakes, vehicle construction or tires.

Renton Product Liability Attorney

The Law Offices of Cornelia Clark has helped many clients find the justice they deserve after injuries occurred due to negligent behavior or product failure. We work closely with our clients, as a team, to best decide what legal options will bring the best results for client goals. When you seek compensation for product liability, we may also need to do an in-depth investigation to track back responsibility to multiple parties, each of whom can be included in your lawsuit claims.

There are many claims that can be made for injuries due to product liability, including the following:

  • Medical, dental, psychological treatment, including surgery
  • Rehabilitation therapy and special equipment
  • Work loss due to temporary or permanent disability
  • Loss of lifestyle enjoyment
  • Wrongful death, funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of loved one’s companionship, guardianship and future inheritance

Recover with Legal Representation

Why seek legal representation? You are entitled to fair compensation anytime the negligence of another person or company causes you bodily harm and expenses. Do not discuss your injuries with insurance representatives who only want to minimize payouts for their companies; they are not on your side, but we are!

With help from Attorney Cornelia Clark, of Renton, WA, you can reach your goals for justice faster and efficiently. Many cases end with negotiation and settlement, however, if your case heads into the courtroom, know that Attorney Clark is a highly skilled and experienced litigator who has won millions for injured clients.

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